I love to hear from other enthusiasts and always love discussing whiskey and the experiences others have had!  If you would like to share please give me a shout, or if you are in the Oahu, HI area and want to grab a dram, let me know and we might be able to set something up!

Would you like to host a guided whisky tasting event in your home, office, bachelor/bachelorette party or another venue?  Take a tour of America, Scotland, Ireland and the world through whisk(e)y in an informal relaxed and nonjudgmental environment! Please contact me for pricing and availability.



2 Responses to Contact

  1. daniel says:

    what does a bottle of 42% goin to cost …it’s about 2 years after and they are unopened 1L

    • whiskyben says:

      To be honest, it’s about the same price, if not a little less. There were hundreds of thousands of bottles that made it to market across the county and the debacle created a demand where everyone picked up a bottle or two. That’s not to say it wont be worth something in the future once stock has dwindled, but right now don’t expect much. There was a liquor store in California selling the 42% Makers Mark for $5 a bottle just to get rid of stock (they sold out pretty fast). Ebay has sold some empty 42% bottles for as much as $30 a piece, but again, this is something you will probably have to sit on for a while. My suggestion is to grab a bottle of the regular stuff, grab a group of friends who enjoy whiskey and have a side-by-side comparison tasting to see if anyone can tell the difference. Otherwise hang on to it for a long time, then value may go up!

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