Below is a list of sources I have used to increase my knowledge of whiskey and may have used to gather information for some of the pages found in this blog.  If I have used anything from a web site I will have included a link to that site and if I have used un-copy written material I will attempt to find the source but understand that I do not need to list it.

Broom, Dave.  World Atlas of Whisky, The.  New York: Hachette Book Group.  2010

Jackson, Michael.  Whiskey:  The Definitive World Guide.  New York: DK Publishing.  2005

Maclean, Charles.  Whiskypedia.  New York:  Skyhorse Publishing.  2010

Maclean, Charles (editor in chief).  World Whiskey.  New York:  DK Publishing.  2009

Murray, Jim.  Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.  United Kingdom:  Dram Good Books.  2011, 2012, 2013.

Roskrow, Dominic.  World’s Best Whiskies, The.  New York: Stewart, Tabori, Chang.  2010

Photos:  If not listed the source was either in the public use archives or from my personal library.  Links to sources are provided below.

If I have missed anything that you have found, please contact me so I can get the proper citation for the source!


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