Current Favorites

These will change as I try new items if needed.  These represent the 6 major whiskey producing countries (in no particular order) and an “other” category for lesser known areas.  I will change the date when a new entry is made.

Last date of Change 11/16/2017

Scotch(single malt)-
1.  The Glenlivet, Nadura with Peat
2.  Signatory Vintage-Glen Grant 18 yo Bottled 4/22/1997
1.  Robert Burns (Arran) Blend
2.  Johnny Walker Double Black
Scotch(vatted/pure malt/blended malt)-
1.  Johnny Walker Green Label (pre-2014)
2.  Monkey Shoulder

1.  Redbreast, 21 yo
2.  The Tyrconnell, Single Malt Irish, Madeira Casks

United States
1.  Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, various batches, 54 has been the best tried so far
2.  George T. Stagg (Buffalo Trace Distillery), Kentucky Straight Bourbon

1.  Thomas H. Handy Sazerac (Buffalo Trace Distillery), Straight Rye Whiskey
2.  Rittenhouse Rye bottled in bond

1.  40 Creek
2.  Whistle Pig (I know, it’s bottled in the US but it’s still Canadian whiskey)

1.  Nikka, Coffey Grain Whisky

1.  Amrut, Greedy Angles

1.  Wales: Penderyn,  Aur Cymru


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