Whiskey-Jameson sampled 1/8/2011


Type- Irish Whiskey, triple distilled, blended, no age given on the bottle, aged in both bourbon and Sherry casks

Appearance-  A strong Sunlight with bits of Chardonnay dancing in the depths.  It is clear and free on impurities with medium slow-moving tears.

Aroma-  Because of the way I am made and my experiences, Irish whiskeys typically have a metallic aroma and flavor to me, and yes this is present in Jameson.  I’m not sure if it is because of the triple distillation or the pot still but it is something I have become very aware of.  This is not a negative thing and if you want to isolate the flavor I detect try this.  Take a penny or other copper coin, wash it first, and stick it in your mouth.  Move it around your tongue and then take it out.  If you can still taste the metal and then wrap a touch of barely and or bread around it, that is what I experience both in the aroma and taste when I sample Irish whiskeys.  Now for the rest of it!  The aroma is both strong and intense for just a normal expression of whiskey.  Hints of dried fruit dance around the ever-present fresh-baked bread.  It starts out sweet but quickly dries and resolves to a tasty raisin and wine.

Taste- The metallic taste hits me first quickly giving way to sweet bread laced with caramel and dried fruits.  The Sherry peaks out from the fray and plays with the tongue fleetingly but with enough presence to land a wine end.  The mouth feel is very smooth but a little light and does not give me the oils and creaminess I like to have.

With Water-  Surprisingly the water helps the mouth feel and it becomes a bit more coating.  The water has also helped the dried fruits and in addition to raisin I have detected currents.  Vanilla has made its presence known which I had missed without the water.

Finish-  Spices make an appearance helping raisin bread be first on the finish.  The finish is also where I first detect the wood and just a touch of bitterness at the very end.  It is fairly short however and leaves me faster than I expected.

Verdict- Again

I first tried the standard expression of Jameson in 2009 and was completely let down, that bottle received a Never Again rating but I was given another bottle as a present in 2011 and changed my opinion.  A couple of things happened from bottle to bottle the first being my more diverse and experienced palate.  The second I believe is an actual change in the whiskey.  My first review is nothing like the second and while some of that can be attributed to more experience, I can not chalk it up only to that.  I had a much better bottle of whiskey in 2011.  I am not sure what they changed but it went from a very dry and flat whiskey to one of more depth and integrity.  No, it is not a super whiskey but it is one worth having on multiple occasions.


About whiskyben

I am a gamer, musician, business man, and lover of whiskey! While I have many passions, whiskey is at the forefront and I look for any opportunity to discuss and imbibe it!
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2 Responses to Jameson

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  2. Lance Barclay says:

    I find the ordinary Jamison not bad, but not my favorite whiskey by far. But, the 12 year old? One of my favorite whiskeys and certainly my favorite Irish.

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