Wild Turkey-Rye

Whiskey- Wild Turkey Rye

Complexity- Standard

Type- Rye whiskey, 50.5% ABV, no age statement.

Appearance- Full gold to old Sauternes, clean and clear with no impurities, long thick tears but not too think.

Aroma- approach carefully as the high ABV can burn the nose into submission leaving you a good ten minutes until it recovers.  Once your nose has adjusted you will be rewarded with some wonderful breakfast scents!  Sweet with spices!  Raisin bread laced with cinnamon freshly toasted speaks to me as the sun peaks through the curtains.  The corn in the blend lends itself well and makes me think the toast has been buttered too.  Slight hints of pepper come through and tease the very end.

Taste- not as much fun as the nose, but still enjoyable.  It will take a drink or two to calm the intensity but when its done this becomes very accessible.  This is a very strong and powerful, almost rough neck and just at the edge of being untamed yet simple.  The sweet flavors make their initial appearance and a butter cream evolves subtly making way for the grains.  It may have started as toast in the nose but it is now rye crackers slightly peppered.  There are times I am reminded of a bourbon with this whiskey, but they are fleeting and comes right back to the rye.  This had a light oily texture that was a bit coating.

With Water- the water livens this up making it even more accessible.  The sweet aromas and tastes come out much more.  I caught fleeting hints of bubble gum and cherries in the aroma.  In the taste the butter makes a stronger appearance with a bit of vanilla.  The rye breads have lost a little definition and now are more cereal with touches of caramel and a dab of wood.

Finish- strong and medium long.  It is a bit less sweet and spices are first to show themselves followed by the raisin bread.  This is definitely warming with more undefined rye playing in the finish.  The wood makes more of an appearance but is non-confrontational.  Towards the end the cinnamon and pepper surface again and leave me with a pleasant closing.

Verdict- Again
This was my first entry into the world of rye whiskey and I was not disappointed.  The cereal flavors really played to my senses and this was the first time I thought I was able to differentiate the different grains use to make it and how they played off each other.  The price point on this whiskey is usually really good and I do recommend this as being a good introduction to rye.  If you end up not liking it, you didn’t put too much money out to buy it and if you did like it you now know rye is for you and there are some amazing whiskeys out there to experience!


About whiskyben

I am a gamer, musician, business man, and lover of whiskey! While I have many passions, whiskey is at the forefront and I look for any opportunity to discuss and imbibe it!
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1 Response to Wild Turkey-Rye

  1. Plac says:



    I am thinking of breadfast scents like raisen bread and cinnamon to try to imagine the aroma expecting a sweet but not too sweet flavor. Sounds good.

    Overall good review – would want to try just to compare to what you described.


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