The Glenrothes 1994

Whisky- The Glenrothes Vintage 1994


type-Scotch, single malt from Speyside, poured in 1994 and bottled in 2008, 43% ABV, sampled 10-20-2010

Appearance- a pleasant Fino Sherry but on the lighter side.  Thin slow legs and no impurities are noted.

Aroma- very sweet and playfully on the nose.  Zested orange and lemon peel play tricks as ginger pokes its head out and disappears just as quickly.  Dried fruits are evident but I had a hard time picking out anything other then raisins.  I also noted hints of grapes and at the very end possible sea salt.  A very enjoyable and open aroma that swings but is delicate and light as perfume on a dance floor.

Taste- Sweet, clean, and smooth like a summer breeze on a hot day!  The ripe fruits make their way to my palate with pear making a grand entrance.  The citrus still waltzes on the tongue, very pleasing and refreshing with spices becoming a new dance partner.  The potent ginger softens to a more delicate cardamom while savory hints its way around a lively yet delicate vanilla.  The soft and mildly coating oily mouth feel leaves me wanting!

With Water-the constant and ever-present sweet theme still rides true, but to my surprise honey takes the lead.  The ripe pear and raisins are now more delicate as is the citrus.  Any bite that may have been has been tamed and this whisky sits in the mouth like a loyal dog who has seen many years at your side.

Finish-the sweet finish is welcoming and inviting.  Only slightly warming as it makes its way down.  Vanilla proudly struts as the zested orange peel reminds me of a warm Spring day.  The spices meld together and are lost as a drop of water into the lake.  As the flavors and aromas die the more acerbic qualities become present as the citrus holds true until the very end.

Verdict-Must Have
It is very unfortunate, but this gem is disappearing!  If you get the chance please pick up a bottle and think to those youthful carefree days in the spring and summer sun.


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I am a gamer, musician, business man, and lover of whiskey! While I have many passions, whiskey is at the forefront and I look for any opportunity to discuss and imbibe it!
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