Willett Bourbon

Please bear with me for the first number of entries, they were my first explorations into trying to define whiskey experiences and do not fully represent my tasting because I didn’t have the vocabulary to describe it yet.

Whiskey- Willett Family Reserve


Type-Single Barrel Bourbon at 47% ABV, Bottle 87 of 269 from barrel #4801 no age given on bottle, bottled in Kentucky by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd., Bardstown

Appearance-A deep gold giving way to Old Sauternes with streaks of red and copper.  No apparent particles present with oily, slow-moving tears.

Aroma-very forward and strong with a nose prickle and sharp sensation.  Hints of oatmeal, tobacco and smoke with an ever-so-slight sulfur presence.  Sweet corn with a touch of buttered caramel is at the forefront.

Taste-surprisingly sweet at the beginning with a slight alcohol taste creeping in shortly after.  Hints of toffee, smoke, and wood become more prevalent the longer it sits on the tongue becoming more acerbic and drying.

Taste with Water-neglected to try with water, but I have another bottle from a different bottle and I will be sure to get this category covered with that tasting!

Finish-a bit warming and long-lasting.  Initially the finish is very acerbic almost to the point of being bitter, but the longer it lasts the sweeter it becomes.

Verdict-Again– And I did buy another bottle.  I haven’t tasted it yet but fully believe I’m going to have a different experience for two reasons.  The first and most obvious, it comes from a different barrel and the second is I have more experience.  Overall this was a fun, potent bourbon and I loved the presentation in the bottle.  Please keep an eye out for the next tasting and I’m sure I will have a better representation of this fine whiskey.


About whiskyben

I am a gamer, musician, business man, and lover of whiskey! While I have many passions, whiskey is at the forefront and I look for any opportunity to discuss and imbibe it!
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